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What Secret Asian Man would look like if he was female ... and Japanese
"That's not nice."
"If there was one man I would ever love, that would be Guan Yu."
"A world without a state wouldn't be perfect. It would be best."
- Secret Asian Man

Once upon a time, a man was born and a destiny was created. In the scientific labs of Christmas Island a human was artificially created. Experiment Number 15. He was created so he could see the shit of the world and be an asshole about it. But the research lab exploded and there were no reports of survivors. However the body to 15 was never found. But the prophecy to fulfill the destiny of pessimism has yet to be fulfilled. One day mankind will be in turmoil, and at that time they will to look up and shout, "Save us". But he will whisper, "No..." Guess who the Secret Asian Man is now, bitch!

Pages started: Tales Of Vesperia, To Aru Majutsu No Index

Pages contributed: Badass Creed, Hero Man, Stan Lee, Creator Cameo, Red Vs Blue, Badass Cape, Hypocrite, Cool Big Sis, Big "NO!", Elaborate University High, Land Lord, Heterosexual Life Partners, Father, I Want to Marry My Brother, Power Tattoo, So Ra No Wo To, Uncanny Valley, No Just No, Kampfer, Baka Test, These Are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, Date Crêpe, I Am Not Left-Handed, Catapult Nightmare, Ladies Versus Butlers, Psychotic Smirk, Another Side, Another Story, Suicide by Cop, The Quisling, Tear Jerker, Obfuscating Stupidity, The Danza, Absurdly Powerful Student Council, Pre Ass Kicking One Liner, Hayate X Blade, Tales Of Vesperia, Blade Across The Shoulder


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