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Ay, I'm Stephen, sometimes known as Cipher, Stephen Amir Saitou (never fear, the surname is not my real one) or ciphermitarai (after Ryota Mitarai from Danganronpa 3). I participate in a lot of roleplays and I contribute mainly to pages for these roleplays. I have around fifty OCs spanning multiple fandoms, and my favorite food is fried pickles. I have been roleplaying for three years. I also have my own works in progress.


For the wonderers: I am bi and trans. American, predominantly Palestinian and Lebanese. And yes, I'm the guy who created Itsuki Kurihara.

haha sansmaeda. narancia, kakyoin and joe tazuna are great and i love them, reo and eisuke are best boys

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Drama Debrief

    A New Hope Sails 
I am aware that I may cause bias due to my perspective, but this is how I interpreted the events. Following the Heaven's Arena Incident, I was participating in a roleplay called "Danganronpa: A New Hope Sails". I was banned from the server, however, almost unexpectedly. I contacted Servant of Evil, the moderator, about this. The "Discord Community Guideline" that I violated was the raid guideline, however, Serv defined me joining another server as part of a group as a raid. All I intended to do at the time was ensure my friend was okay, and I joined the server in order to speak with the moderators, which I later did in a group chat rather than the actual server. Even then, I only wrote two comments. Even so, Serv refuses to see this, which is why I was removed from the roleplay and Valerie left. I did not spam or anything of the like, I did not ruin the roleplay, and I definitely did not say anything hurtful, which is why I now argue that I did not violate Discord Terms of Service.

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