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Chukwa is a troper who is... just kinda there.

Do I really have to do this part?
Yes, puny mortal
But you're not... Ugh. Fine.

Chukwa inspires to be a writer, musician and actor.

Ugh. I'll do this part later.

Works this troper enjoys.

  • Dexters Laboratory Possibly my favorite animated series. Ever. This crafted my desire to be an evil genius, which today just kinda shows in the half-assed genius I am.
    • Omelette du Fromage. Just Sayin'.
  • Johnny Bravo Not one of my absolute favorites, but my god, was this funny.
  • What? No... I don't... never... ahem.
  • Ed Edd N Eddy This show is what gave me the everlasting symapathy towards The Smart Guy, because if you ever notice, Double D gets hurt nowhere near as much as his dumb companions. He's left out of the beatings half the time, and everyone always seems to like him more. But the show was good, too.
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  • Courage The Cowardly Dog (Nostalgia...Nostalgia...) If I had to choose one show which would be brought back on the air, it would be this. Just when you think a dog screaming at scary things would get old, it doesn't.
  • The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy You know, looking back on this one, how'd they ever make a show about DEATH, and make it for kids simultaneously? Well, better it be done in the past then now, when every thing is crappy.
  • Samurai Jack Eh... I kinda remember this one. But I do remember my parents making me recite Aku's monologue in the opening theme, because I knew it by heart.
    • I know what you're thinking. Did they find that amusing? Yes. Very much so.
  • Codename Kids Next Door The show I wanted to be apart of. Never mind I was thirteen when it came out, I could lie about my age. Which is subverted of most other teenagers, who would lie to say their older. I actually might have been able to pass off as a young look sixteen year old when I was thirteen.
    • This only made me think I would be invaluable as a KND agent.
  • Teen Titans The show me and my dad loved. Except I didn't like it when he tried to imitate the high voiced Japanese girls in the theme song just to annoy me. Just to annoy me.
  • Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends I was pretty fond of this for a while, but alas, this is where I started falling out of watching cartoons. If I had the dignity to ever return to Cartoon Network. I would look forward to watching this most. They still do have it, right?
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  • Batman Beyond Just a fun little action flick- er... cartoon.
  • Batman The Animated Series Not going to say anything about this one, except that it was AWESOME.
  • Looney Tunes I kinda liked it (hey, it was a cornerstone in animated humor, I can't talk smack about it), but the main reason I'm putting this down was because I was born in a hospital room with a Bugs Bunny cartoon playing on the tv.
  • Scooby-Doo I'm a fan of mystery, cheesy villians, and No-explanation-talking dogs. Well, excpet one.
  • Tom And Jerry I LOVE TOM AND JERRY! Ahem. Tom and Jerry! I love that show! Cat and mouse! That doesn't sound sexual at all!
    • Ew...
  • The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron The one where The Smart Guy is hurt a lot... not sure how I feel about that.
    • While watching this show, my dad and I had this ongoing fight about who was the better supporting character, Carl (My dad) or Sheen (Myself). All I can say is, whose getting their own show... soonish?
  • Avatar The Last Airbender I really liked this show, because it was able to add an extra character mid season without me hating their existence. But it was a good show in other aspects.
    • I regret to say this, but I haven't seen the last season of this show. That's right, the three of you who will end up reading this page can put message me your scolding insults. But no spoilers, please.
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  • Chalk Zone Tee hee hee. I leik chok.
  • Danny Phantom I was a fan until... I stopped watching cartoons. It wasn't this guy's fault, though.
  • The Fairly Oddparents Would a real ten year old boy really be wiching for things PG rated? Well, probably. But an eleven year old... now that's... frightening.
  • Hey Arnold This show was a pretty-pretty good. I've always wanted an apartment like Arnold's.
  • Invader Zim Mwuahahaha!
    • He's not even explaining why he likes it! He should be HANGED for this!
    • I just like it, okay?
  • Rugrats I give up. You tell me.
    • Okay, it was fun, really showed you what you probably thought like as a baby.
    • Genius.
  • Are You Afraid Of The Dark Was this one about, like, the kids who told stories around a campfire. Actually, in retrospect, that was kinda stupid. But cool.
  • Drake And Josh Another favorite of me and my dad.
  • Neds Declassified School Survival Guide Was cool for a while there. Didn't help me a bit in school, though.
    • Ever?
      • Ever.
  • Heroes Brilliant Concept? Check. Interesting Characters? Check. Good plot? Well, sure. Good Third season? Ooh...
  • Cracked Sarcasm at it's best.
  • Five Second Films Gotta love shock horror.
  • Cyanide And Happiness
  • Last Place Comics
  • Buttersafe
    • Note, who ever didn't make a page for these two fantastic webcomics will most certainly pay.

Shows I still watch

  • Warehouse 13-A more recent example, but I really like it because it has a lot of similarities to a three-part mini series I thought should have been made into a full show.
  • Chelsea Latley One of the only pop culture shows I watch, along with...
  • The Soup Is it odd that the only two pop culture shows I watch are both on E!...?
  • Community-Well, I mean duh. When would I miss an opportunity to see Joel Mac Hale act?
  • Psych A silly over the top show about a fake psychic and his best friend meddling with police affairs? That sounds hilarious!
    • And it was. It was.

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