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Chubert is a troper who, first and foremost, cannot tell the difference between the "edit post" and "new post" buttons, despite the obvious differences. Hilarity Ensues.

Now, to stop referring to myself in the third person, I'm a teenager (Most Tropers Are Young Nerds in full effect) obsessed with online flash games, because I have not a single console, and this website, much to the amusement/puzzlement of my peers.

I'm primarily a lurker, though when struck with an occasional idea I will form a YKTTW.

Favorite works include Darker Than Black, The Dark Knight, (hey, they both have Batman) Percy Jackson And The Olympians (nice subversion of The Hero), and many others. I browse fanficiton every once in a while.

Has launched:


  • Hey Chubert. From now on, every time you visit this page, I magically glomp you. ~ Snowy Foxes