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Born in the primordial space of the Centre of the Universe (Newfoundland). Living where the sun doesn't shine (Vancouver... the Canadian one). His knowledge base on media trivia may be likened to the largest of Jersey landfills. His ability to retrieve said knowledge may be likened to a senile ferret in desperate need of a nap.

His geek credentials have been paid in full, including associative benefits: his friends include Browncoats working on the Into The Black fan series, Buffistas of the most rabid variety, Trekkers and Starwarheads, RPGers of all stripes, and a crowd of folk making movie and TV replica everyday-wear trenchcoats, including the official Silent Bob coat. He occasionally has coffee with Optimus Prime. PH34R M3! ;)

He awaits Gus' chiding for Buffista fraternization. (UPDATE: Yay! Vindication!)

Do not let Chrome Newfie ignore anything. It may disappear.

Last attempted to edumacate the masses by creating or massively revising the following series entries:

And the following tropes:

Finally, he has done irreparable damage - er, some informative additions to the following:

Gus: This person is a Buffista. Approach at your own risk. This is all the warning you get.