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Chris WWII is a Californian born and raised Troper studying at the University of St. Andrews here in Bonnie Scotland. Coming from the Bay Area, he is surprisingly a political conservative, but only in the fiscal sense. The religous right can, and sometimes is his personal Berserk Button.

As far as interests go, this Troper is into: Warhammer40000 , Star Wars , Star Trek , Axis Powers Hetalia and is a big fan of creative writing. As far as TV goes, I tend to watch a lot of History Channel and Discovery. Especially Mythbusters. What can I say? I like watching Stuff Blowing Up.

Unfortunately, he has a problem remembering to get his head into a project long enough to finish. His current writing projects are a Warhammer 40k-Star Trek cross over, a Used Future style story with mild Serenity and 40k influences on it, and finally a Urban Fantasy style story featuring a Soviet~esque state in a struggle with an elvish state that has maintained itself with magic into the modern era. Expect much Technology Versus Magic and Screw You, Elves!.

In any case, I love TV Tropes, and I have sacrificed many hours to the trope gods. Hopefully that appeases them long enough to let me escape.... So far, no such luck. T_T

Tropes used by this Troper.

  • Apologizes Alot : Has had a few friends express annoyance with him saying 'sorry' every other word.
  • Blind Without 'Em : Subverted. He sees perfectly fine without his glasses, but can't really do work without them.
  • Geek : I cosplay. I write fanfiction. I spend a ridiculous amount of money on plastic, toy soldiers. Yes, I am a geek, and I am proud of it!