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Lenaren is a future cartoon created by Chickeon and updates are posted on his deviantART page, which can be found here.

A difficult choice plagues the leaders of the six Lenarese superstates of the Republic of Chienne, United States of Chihuan, Unified Avian Monarchy, Greater Persian Theocracy, United Soviet Ursine Republics, and the People's Republic of Mashan. As the current and long-standing cold war between them all seems to heat up after a few controversial choices, all of them come to think over the prospect of war.


Chienne and Chihuan are close allies, and work under the name of the Chienne-Chihuan Axis, or just the Axis. These two countries, although very different, have leaders that are elected and capitalism reigns supreme. Chinenne is much more free than that autocratic and chihuahua-supremacist Chihuan, but they find a common ground through race and economy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, lies the dictatorial and communist Mashan and Ursine Republics. They are allied under the name of the Equine-Ursine Alliance, or the Alliance for short, and advocate communism and control. The Ursine Republics are more strict in their adherence to communism. The Axis and Alliance, due to their ideological conflicts, are locked in an eternal cold war. What's more, is that war could happen at the slightest provocation. The Southeastern Coalition containing the oligarchic, caste-driven Unified Avian Monarchy and the religious Greater Persian Theocracy, have not choice but to either take sides in a possibly world-ending conflict or somehow stick together.


President of Chienne Molly has more grandiose ambitions than what the citizens of Chienne will allow; Empress Ai is dealing with a possible rebellion on her hooves; Prime Minister Nikolai tries to inspire his populace to work through force; High Priest Rais is dealing with some unholy behaviours that would ruin him, along with a budding insurgency; Queen Nosizwe seems to have the only country that isn't under threat, but she is; and Chihuanese President Ferox, although secretive, has researchers working on a game-changing technology: nuclear power.

The one question taking the world of Lenaren by storm is: Is war worth it? Is it necessary? Can opposing cultures reconcile, or will the only redemption come from the barrel of a gun?

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Molly is the Vice President of Chienne. She is a black and white Jack Russel terrier with a purple ensemble.

Empress of the People's Republic of Mashan "Ai"

Ai Long is a grey mare that is the Empress of Mashan. State-run media portray her as infallible and all-loving, when she is anything but.
  • Ruler Protagonist: Empress of the the PRC and POV character in season 2.
  • The Magnificent: The most common ones are the Great Granddaughter of the Revolution, the Radiant, the Benevolent, Big Sister....

Prime Minister of the United Soviet Ursine Republics "Nikolai"

Nikolai is the grolar bear Prime Minister of the Ursine Republics.
  • Meaningful Name: His placeholder name means "victory of the people," fitting the Soviet-like country he governs.
  • Ruler Protagonist: Prime Minister of USUR and POV character in season 3.

Prophet of the Greater Persian Theocracy "Rais"

Rais is an orange tabby, and is the Prophet of the Greater Persian Theocracy.

Queen of the Unified Avian Monarchy "Nosizwe"

Nosizwe is an azure jay that leads the Unified Avian Monarchy. She is sweet and matronly towards most of the UAM's populace. Compared to the rest of the First Class birds, she is a bit slow, but she makes up for it by being compassionate and caring. She often visits schools to teach.

President of the United States of Chihuan "Ferox"

Ferox is a blonde chihuahua who rules over the United States of Chihuan.



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Republic of Chienne

United States of Chihuan

People's Republic of Mashan

United Soviet Ursine Republics

Greater Persian Theocracy

Unified Avian Monarchy


  • Art Shift: So very much.
  • Development Hell: Five years and counting, with many shifts and changes.
  • Doing It for the Art: The ultimate reason he's still going after ~5 years.
  • Executive Meddling: For the better. Chickeon had an epiphany concerning whether Lenaren should be a more comedic or more story-driven. After a while, he decided on the latter.

Up North

Up North is a webcomic created by Chickeon and posted on his deviantART page, which can be found here.

Up North follows North Korea, a narcissistic, crazed man who has high ambitions but low common sense or funds. He is joined by his Latino friend Cuba, who tries to keep him grounded; his nerdy twin South Korea; his absolute enemies America and Japan; and his role models Russia and China. North Korea does not listen to anyone but himself (and sometimes Cuba, China, and Russia), and has unmatched determination to build a missile capable of striking down all his enemies.

Then again, barely anyone can stand him and mostly anyone could kill him, so Hilarity Ensues.

One of Tropers/Chickeon's projects, which has been worked on for around six months. However, the roots of this webcomic go back much further, with its unreleased predecessor dating back to around two years ago.

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Applicable to all

North Korea

The eponymous Villain Protagonist of Up North. Friends with few and enemies with most, North Korea knows that everyone disapproves of his nuclear ambitions, but that doesn't mean he'll stop. He likes to yell at his twin, South Korea.


Cuba is North Korea's closest friend and comrade, which means that Cuba gets away with quite a bit when it comes to him. He's trying to patch up things with America, but with limited success.

South Korea

South Korea is North Korea's twin sister, and is quite attractive. However, her attractiveness doesn't detract from her shyness and competency at video games.


Japan is well disliked by many for very good reasons. However, she is trying to get better. She enjoys drawing and writing, and has fun freaking people out.


America is very divisive. Is he overly loved or overly hated? Either way, he's fun, helpful, and usually not a jerk.


Russia, much like the bears the roam his land, is big, quiet, and intimating. However, he has hidden qualities about him that few know about.


Perhaps one of the few people that can try to get North Korea to listen to reason, China is a businessman who spends most of his time making gadgets in exchange for money.

  • Art Shift: Even comparing the final designs to the first designs uploaded to dA, there is definite differences. Even more so, before the retooling, the art was much more simplistic and cartoony than it is now.
  • Creator Backlash: Before making this incarnation, Chickeon tried making a webcomic that focused on the entire world. This was a problem, as the scope was too big. These problems caused him to quit working on the comic altogether until he retooled it into what it is today.
  • Creator Breakdown: Caused Chickeon to stop working on it, pre-retool.
  • Creator's Favorite: Cuba.
  • Development Hell: And how! Chickeon went through many attempts with differing artstyles, and gave up once. It's nearing completion, but still unreleased.
  • Doing It for the Art: The ultimate reason he's still trying to do this.
  • Executive Meddling: If you can believe it was self-imposed. It was eventually overcome, but Chickeon went through multiple phases of trying to put more emphasis on story, characters, comedy, mirroring real events, etc. It Got Better, however.
  • Production Nickname: To friends: Chickeon occasionally refers to the characters as (food or consumable relating to character) Mommy/Daddy. For example, Burger Daddy (America), Sushi Mommy (Japan), ect..
  • Write What You Know: Chickeon has a big interest in Asia, and knows a lot about North Korea.


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