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Hello everyone, I am Chibi Fenrix, or as some people know me, Chibi Chen (Mac Duffy calls me Chibearrix). I'm fairly terrible at describing myself, so have some stats!

I'm XX years of age soon to be XX+1 as of March 29Th, I live in [REDACTED], California, and I'm currently an unemployed collage student! Yay! :D

I write some decent...some ok...Some fan fics which can be seen here. [1]

I also make some comic and stuffs here, under the name of tehwolf7 [2] (Shut up, I can hear you laughing through the monitor.)


Aside from that I don't do too much.

Tropes that apply to me.


Quotes I like from me

Quotes other like from me.

Quotes I like from others.


The area for you all to faf about with. (The clearly marked area)

Please keep vandalism in the clearly marked area.

Seems G.I.F.T. strikes again. Pm me anything you want here and I'll put it up.


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