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I'm here to fix up pages, add links, fix red links, and other minor stuff where I see updates or fixes are needed, cheers.~

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    Pages I Gave Wiki Love To 
  • Creepypasta: Reorganizing page and linking to creepypastas that have their own Nightmare Fuel entries
  • Pokémon Fridge Logic pages: Updated templates for all Fridge pages so they link to each other making navigation easier
  • The West Records: Created page and added many of the tropes listed on the page along with indexing
  • This House Has People In It: Page image and many tropes that help give more of the story of what happens during the ARG

    Questions I Wonder 
  • Why is it in Five Nights At Freddys that there is only one night guard? Why is there not two or more night guards?
    • Sister Location answered this for me, seems it does not matter how many night guards there are if the animatronics can still get to them.

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