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Hi. I'm Cheese The Cat. I am not here much, and when I am I am on my mobile, which naturally complicates things. I love reading, video games, and fantasizing about my dream guy. I have a tendency to make immature jokes. I am also overemotional and will burst out sobbing over the death of a fictional character. I am a procrastinator, to the max. As in, I type up essays the morning they're due. I have a few weaknesses: gourmet chocolate, video games, sappy "romance" novels, dramatic deaths, and men who are sensitive. I like Steam Punk . I love writing, but am terrible at it. As in, I seem to write entirely in Beige Prose , much to my chagrin. I am not very good with grammar, so if I screw up, please go easy on me. I typically post early in the morning, after a huge period of no sleep. I am very cheesy sometimes. Very. Be aware. Look. If I do something wrong, please be nice. I'm a newb, and nervous to boot. My fear causes me to do dumb things.


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