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Yeah, I'm just a regular contributor to TV Tropes, and someone who is a fan of the Super Mario Bros. and Wario Land series, among many others. I have created and launched these tropes in the past:

Possibly among others, although my memory is not that great. I am technically on my fourth account, due to be accidentally locked out of a few former accounts by the 'not having to enter an email address to reset password' feature this wiki has, but I'm addicted enough to TV Tropes I can hardly resist contributing somehow.


I generally maintain the Wario Land, Super Mario Bros. and Platform Hell pages, although I have also maintained the Donkey Kong Country and Yoshis Island pages before. Heck, I'd probably say I'm responsible for about 20% of the Platform Hell examples and 90% of the Wario Land examples over time.

My website is DS Ultimate, and it often refers to tropes in it's articles. Maybe one day in future the Platform Game Cliches list I wrote will get added to TV Tropes or something, as currently it's my attempt at making a Cliches List for Mario style platformers in the same genre vein as the famous RPG cliches one and Evil Overlord List.


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