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So, my archnemesis! You may have discovered where I hid the mystic crystal of Dalmandite, but you'll never get past my pet dragon Fluffy!

Hi. I made the mistake of coming over here around September 2008. I don't know how many hours I've logged on the site since. TV Tropes will ruin your life.

I can be found on the You know, that thing where... page, or checking random articles to make sure the page quote is all indent-y and small-fonty.

Pages that have had the most of my loving touch are Pandect, The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja, The Zombie Hunters, Top Gear, Would I Lie To You, and QI.

As of May 2010 the proud possessor of a PhD, so you may call me Doctor. But not The Doctor. Or am I?

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