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Hi I'm CMN(Chaos Marine Nautilus) and I'm really new here to TV Tropes.

Tropes that describe me:

  • Ax-Crazy: Normally I'm sane, but whenever I'm having an off day, I just become violent.
  • Don't try me: Normally, I'm one of the most nicest people you can talk to. However, insult me, harm me in any way or say that I am a "Poor Artist" then Im gonna have to lay the smack down on you either verbally or physically.
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  • Black and Nerdy: I was born in the late 90's and I grew up watching Toonami and MAN I loved it.
  • Chaotic...Funny/Chaotic Good: I just dont like rules at times but I never want to wind up ruining things for everyone else. I enjoy being able to make people laugh and bring them out of slumps.
  • Celibate Hero/ChickMagnet: I do not fully understand romance, and so when a girl asks me out, I panic not because of them being the opposite gender or that I'm distracted, but simply because I'm just not fully aware how to return feelings at times.
  • Ahri X Nautilus.
  • Short Fuse: Remember that Berserk Button up there? Yeah it gets pressed. A lot.

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