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Cecil Behar is a twenty-something frenchy who's sharing his french knowledge on this mostly english site. However, he's also responsible for creating and filling pages about Takeshi Kitano and the Beach Boys. Tropes-wise, he created the pages for the Anaphora, the Epiphora, Artist and the Band and Free-Handed Performer.

So far, he has created pages for:

Comics & Mangas:


By Jim Abrahams

By Martin Davidson

By Albert Dupontel

By Louis Garrel

By Michel Hazanavicius

By Jean-Pierre Jeunet

By Takeshi Kitano

By Joan Micklin

Creator pages:


Creator pages:

Albums by The Beach Boys

Albums by Michelle Blades

Albums By Françoise Hardy

Albums By Haruomi Hosono

Albums by Japanese Breakfast

Albums by Mike Love

Albums by Paul McCartney

Albums by Soccer Mommy

Albums by Stupeflip

Albums by Yukihiro Takahashi

Albums by Brian Wilson

Albums by Yellow Magic Orchestra

Other albums:



Web Video

He also contributed to the following pages: