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Vell, Aaron’s just zis guy, you know?

I run a forum called Fool’s Gold. I’ve also been active on a number of other boards, but much less so, and they’re mostly pretty inconsequential in the scheme of these things; Freethought Forum is really the only other message board I still maintain any appreciable amount of activity on these days. I’m pretty obsessed with music (especially jazz, soundtracks, metal, and progressive rock) and basically one of those Bomb-Throwing Anarchists, but without the bombs. (See TV TropesUseful Notes on Anarchism and Political Ideologies for some actual factual information on anarchism. My thought tends towards anarcho-syndicalism, but I’m not particularly dogmatic about any particular form of anarchism. Note, however, that so-called “anarcho-capitalists” are not anarchists, because the word “anarchy” literally means “without rulers”, and it is impossible to have capitalism without disparities in power). I live in Florida, much to my chagrin. See also my, my Soundcloud, and some neo-classical electronic music I wrote awhile back.

I really, really hate the Loudness War to the extent that I actually go and edit the audio of victims to make them less painful to listen to. I wrote a guide to how to do this here.

I also develop content for the game Marathon Aleph One. I've worked on the largely completed game Marathon Eternal as well as a few currently unfinished ones.

If you want to contact me, the best way to do it is through messages here, through my forum, through my forum’s IRC channel, through, or through Discord. I have Skype, AIM, and MSN, but I rarely sign into any of them. I also have a Facebook, which I never check; if you want a link, send me a private message.

Some works I like (alphabetical order, and the list is nowhere near complete; I’ll probably add a lot more stuff later, but it’ll probably never be fully complete as I want to keep this to stuff that has wiki entries here):

Anime & Manga


Fan Fic



Live-Action TV


Newspaper Comics

Stand-Up Comedy

Video Games

Web Comics

Western Animation

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