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Hi there. This blurb'll be updated sporadically.

Can be found on the Fate/Stay Night Fanfic Rec page, but my old fandom (Fire Emblem) recently pulled me away. And is currently in danger of being torn by Fate and Code Geass at the same time.

Personality-wise: Tends to be a cross of Knight in Shining Armor, Knight in Sour Armor and occasionally show tendencies of Honor before reason. Is something of an jack of all trades in real life.


Enjoys: Reading and discussing fanfiction, among other things. If you need a reviewer, please tell.

I can be found on (under the same handle), Livejournal (Archives of Melior), and various forums with many, many handles.

My current project is Beneath Azure Skies, a fanfic centered around the Crimean characters from Po R/RD. I also do translation and analysis of characterization on the side in the Archives, so head over there if you're interested!


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