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Hi there, my name is Captain Pinkie Pie and I made this Tropers page just for you! While I'm a fairly new member, I managed to make my fair share of edits in just two days (although they were only small ones but the things that needed editing really bugged me). I mostly just focus on MLP fan content but I can easily dabble in other stuff too, especially if their trope pages had little errors that have been glossed over for years. Oh well, to err is human.


But enough about me...

Instead, let's focus on me!:

  • Catchphrase: "Hi there, my name is Captain Pinkie Pie and I made this page just for you!"

  • Cloudcuckoolander: Believe it or not, this part of me is actually downplayed. I only played it up a bit more because it would be weird to have an account that's a reference to two very well known examples of this trope and be relatively mild-mannered if a little eccentric.

  • Mood-Swinger: I tend to have highs and lows. Sometimes those highs are good, other times I get very anxious and irritable. Turns out I have bipolar.

  • Nice Guy / Canada, Eh?: What did you expect from a guy referencing a fictional Canadian and a fictional pony voiced by a Canadian? Then again, I'm Canadian myself.

  • Super OCD: This is why I have an account here in the first place. Since no-one else was making the edits I felt need to be done, I took it upon myself to take that responsibility. Also, there have been stories in this folder right here that are just begging to have their own pages on the site. And the ironic thing is I don't even have a FimFiction account! That's how bad my compulsions are.
    • Never mind. I have an FiMFiction account now!

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