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  • Any ship that is always:
    • Either completely unique or very rare
    • An offensive and defensive platform
    • Home to some sort of squad/squadron capable of sortie
    • Relatively slow maneuvering
    • Has a name (example: Star Wars: The Rebellion force's Mon Calamari Cruiser Home One, and the Empire's Super Star Destroyer Executor)
  • The ship often has many of the following characteristics:
    • Commanded by an important/well-liked Admiral (Ackbar), General, or other officer
    • Exceptionally large
    • Dificult to destroy
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    • Extremely well armed
    • Large crew
    • Self-Sufficient
    • Long-lived (usually good guys)(counterexample: Star Wars: Executor lasted 75% of one large scale battle, then a single A-wing crashed into its command bridge and it went splodie into the Second Death Star)
    • Short-lived (usually bad guys)(counterexample: Star Wars: Home One lasted through all of the Rebellion's campaign (a different Cruiser was pew pewed by the Second Death Star in Return of the Jedi))
  • Is not a Magical Ship

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