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I did this mainly because of the "Grab some glory" bit from The Contributors. Being mostly a lurker, Non-Action Guy, Deadpan Snarker, and The Quiet One, you probably won't see me in the fora or discussions much. I don't even use my handle half the time on here...

So Yeah.

I also work on a Negima resource site when I'm not doing random translations for my own amusement.


PS: Also, I have just realised (like, a year after I signed up here) how close my handle is to Canon Rape.

Anyway, Show Genres (etc.) I enjoy. I like a balanced diet: Manga and Anime in general, Cyberpunk, Dead Baby Comedy, The Future ! ! !, Gag Series, Mind Screw, Seinen, Slice of Life, Speculative Fiction in general, Space Opera, World War II, The Unwanted Harem, Urban Fantasy, Widget Series

Pages I created:

Subjects I work on fairly frequently:

I frequently places like 4chan, the Beast's Lair forum, TheOnion, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and other places that would probably get a place on New Media Are Evil. Ah well.

Quite obsessed with Manga, Anime, Visual Novels and... novels in general, actually. Subs only, mainly because I prefer the original performance, and specifically with Anime, because I know a bit of Japanese. Also, love computer games (no consoles, though) and will create mods for them if possible. I play with Photoshop and Audacity when I really have time on my hands.

Not much of a TV person, unless that TV is hooked up to a DVD player which has a DVD of something that was on TV. Naturally, applies for movies as well.

Currently in China wandering around Southeast Asia in Taiwan in Hong Kong, by the way. I speak English, Cantonese, and know bits of Japanese, Spanish, and French. Real name's Michael. According to my peers, I know too much trivia and too little actually useful information. That Other Wiki probably had something to do with it.