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(created by Keybreak)

Hey, I'm Camron. Just came to this site to learn about the whole TV Tropes experience.

I was born November 5, 1992 and I live in a tiny gated community called Whiteleaf Estates. Yeah, I know, sounds snobby, but it's not all that bad. I used to go to a boarding school where I met most of my friends and my current boyfriend Casey, but I just recently graduated So, now I'm here at college where I'm majoring in psychology.


I don't have the best luck, just let me say. Most of my school days were spent juggling assignments, my boyfriend, and people's opinions of me. But even now that I'm out (both of high school and the closet), I don't expect things to get much easier. The best I can do now is just stay optimistic and hope that everything will work out in time.

Tropes that I think apply to me:

  • Celibate Hero - I try to be, though I can never really control myself...
  • Embarrassing Nickname - "The Pensive Prince"; Casey's, but not as embarrassing as the one I gave him note .
  • High School Hustler - People tend to make me out as one of these, but really, I'm not that great at it.
  • I Know How To Box - You get a few special skills in a high-end private school.
  • Memento MacGuffin - Casey's pendant he gifted to me which reads "Time Nihilum"; "Fear Nothing". Maybe.
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  • The Quiet One - I'm breaking out of that habit though.
  • Rags to Riches - After Dad got his new job, we moved to the Estates to live out a new life. Cliché, right?


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