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Hello Folks. I'm your new Dark Lord Cam. If you aren't bowing now you will be after reading my short stories. I like showing that Humans Are Bastards in my work though I will occasionally show that Humans can have their Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming once in a while...

I've posted some of my stories on deviantART. They can be found here if you're interested.

I'll assume that link officially makes me a Shameless Self-Promoter...


Whatever, just go enjoy the High Octane Nightmare Fuel. As for any tropes about myself... It's hard to say really. I'm just a kid who happens to write short stories. I only hope that I don't have a Small Name, Big Ego. That would REALLY suck.

I may do a list of tropes associated with my work later if I feel like it. Unless one of you wants to do it?

I also happen to be a Dead Pan Snarker...