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A This Troper.

Occasionally mistaken for British, but actually born and raised in New England (where some bits of Lovecraft Country actually are Truth in Television).

I try to be a little detached when editing, but I'm not out to be a deliberate Jerkass. My edits are not my ego, and if I have my facts wrong, please, by all means, correct them. If you disagree with something I've written, just let me know; I'll discuss it with you and try my best to assume good faith. Likewise, though, I do try to correct misinformation when I run across it, with no personal ill will towards anyone.


The one thing I will call people out on is thinking it's okay to pass off your own prejudices as trope examples. I'm not out to try to make anyone feel bad or guilty, just to cut down on the amount of prejudice that various groups in this world, including some I belong to, run into too-frequent examples of.

I tend to delete Natter and Take That! when I come across it. Don't take it personally; excess Natter just clutters up pages with debates most people aren't interested in, and Take Thats are generally far more annoying than they are clever. (I was guilty of some Natter in my first days of TV Troping, but I'm trying to clean up what remains of it.)

This Troper provides examples of:

  • Does Not Like Shoes: In part because almost none of them fit me properly. I'd go barefoot much more often if not for the fact that my feet get cold and floors in public places are dirty.
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  • Kuudere: According to some people who know me. More of a type 4 who uses it to cover general nervousness about most other human beings in general.
  • Magical Differently Abled Person: Averted, most definitely. (Seriously, don't praise me for doing things that people with my disabilities aren't expected to do. A lot more of us do it than you may realize.)
  • Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls: I seem to be a fanfic writer and female, apparently. Never really went in for the heavy Shipping or Ship-to-Ship Combat stuff, with some rare exceptions; it just doesn't tend to be the dominant theme in my writing.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: For some things.
  • Reality Is Unrealistic: Well, it is.
  • Seen It All: Well, seen a pretty decent amount. Actually was this even before TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. The upside of it is that the vast majority of people won't ever have to worry that I'll find them too weird.
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  • Weirdness Magnet: Probably has a fair bit to do with the above.

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