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Last hopeless chances have got to work. Nothing makes sense otherwise. You might as well not be alive.

A broken lampshade is, in essence, a failed attempt at dissuading the threat of breaking the audience's Willing Suspension of disbelief.

This failure to lampshade simply leads to more questions from the audience, such as "Why am I wasting time watching/reading/playing this right now?" So the question stands:


Why are you reading my page?

My name is Broken Lampshade, colloquially known as Calvin, and I spend much of my time on TV Tropes. Now, I don't spend that time as someone who posts on the forums, or does anything at all substantial or interesting. Instead, I spend it reading the same trope pages over and over again, making angry edits to posts that don't really need to be edited for the sake of syntax.

In Real Life, I am actually a shockingly irresponsible university student. I grew up on on the internet, playing games like Age of Empires, Star Wars Battlefront and, get this: Viva Pinata! It was through these games that I really became who I am now; a little bit weird.

I enjoy things, and they are listed below.

I also dislike things, and a couple of those are listed below.


The Things I Enjoy:

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     TV shows and Anime 

     Literature, Comic Books, and Graphic Novels (VERY much incomplete, I swear to god I've read at least 20 books.) 

  • Guards! Guards! : I'll be honest, Guards! Guards! is probably my favorite book ever.
  • Life of Pi
  • Mort : Mort is listed as one of Terry Pratchett's best works, but I don't really see the appeal of this one.
  • Scott Pilgrim : Or the greatest Graphic Novel ever created.
  • Small Gods : Alright, Small Gods may also be my favorite book ever. I'll never decide, honestly.

     Movies & Animated Features 

     Video Games 

     Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Novels and Visual Novels 

     Webcomics and Comic Strips 

     Things I enjoy reading about but hate indulging in  

When you reach the end of the page, keep going.
Winston Churchill, Probably.

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