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Greetings, my fellow colleague. Here I shall form an extensive description of myself, in the form of an extensive arrangement of words known to the layman as a paragraph. First of all, I feel it to be a necessity to very strongly emphasize the point that is, as follows; I fucking love talking like a gentleman, good sir.

But in all seriousness, garrulousness aside, hello and welcome to my crappy page.

    Tropes and characteristics I exhibit: 

  • The Anti-Nihilist: To an extent. I think that something can be done about the poor state humanity's in right now.

  • Aspergers Syndrome: Yes, I know. When someone says they have Aspergers they often use it as an excuse for doing stupid shit. (Example: Oh, I couldn't help but godmod, I have Aspergers.) As far as I'm concerned, I'm pretty sure I've got something strange going on in my brain and it is not an excuse for being a dick to people.

  • Wise Beyond Their Years: By comparison. I'm 14, and most kids my age seem to care mostly about girls, FPS games, skipping school, rap music and making it impossible to just get your goddamn classwork done. Usually I concern myself with letting my mind wander around in space, thinking about the possibilities lying out in the stars, thinking about philosophy and playing all genres of video game. All of them.

  • Hacker Cave: My room, except without the hacking and the only electronics being my desktop, netbook, various DSes, etc. Also a scented candle.

  • Good Parents: Not only are both my mom and my dad easily the most understanding, open-minded, intelligent and loving people I've ever known, not only are they always there to help me when things get rough, but they're big gamers too and a bunch of crazy weirdos, just like me.

    Tropes and characteristics I detest: 

  • TV Genius: Just stop it, TV. Most of the time I run into this one it's not even supposed to be funny. This trope should die, unless it's a parody.

  • Totally Radical: This one is, outside of parodies, the ultimate sign of the fact that the teachers/businessmen/slugs who invoked this trope simply did not try, or tried far too hard. I'd much rather have a boring lesson than a lesson given to me in rap form... *shudder*
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