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Hi there! I'm BrightBlueInk (also known as HaleySings and MorwenLaicoriel in other places 'round the net). I've been lurking around this site since 2008 or so. I'm an unashamed Princess Tutu and Chrono Crusade fangirl, so I spend quite a bit of time making note of appropriate tropes for those series, but I enjoy anime and other cartoons in general. The Disney version of Beauty And The Beast is my favorite movie, if you're wondering. Oh, and I have a thing for fictional guys with glasses (particularly Scary Shiny Glasses) and angst. Lots of angst. I enjoy shipping for the hell of it—if there's reasonable arguments for the pairing, I probably ship it. And may ship it even if the argument is unreasonable.

I generally side with FoRKS when it comes to naming wars, but sometimes I swing to the other side.

You can find my LiveJournal here, although it's now friends only. (But I'm pretty lenient about who I friend if you tell me who you are.) I roleplay on that site, as well. (You'll find that tropes show up a lot in freeform roleplaying...)

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Tropes I fit under:

  • Apologises a Lot: Me and my friend have even done the "don't apologize all the time!" "sorry..." joke on accident.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Or, least lazy. Not so sure on the "brilliant" part.
  • Mr. Exposition / Motor Mouth: I love to explain things. And ramble.
  • Nice Hat: I love hats, and buying a new one always makes me happy. I also love this trope in fiction.
  • Not a Morning Person
  • The Roleplayer
  • Sarcasm-Blind: Not always, but I can be pretty bad with sarcasm, particularly on the internet. Sometimes I don't understand someone's sarcastic, and other times I think someone's joking when they're completely serious.