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"I paid my tax."
- Frank Costello

So, I'm a big fan of gangsters, especially the Jewish mob, but not in particular (does that even make sense). In order to give you a time frame: 1900 to 1940, more or less. Might add a few years on the close end, might subtract a few on the far one. My specialty in this lies with the gangsters of Brownsville, Ocean Hill and East New York, The Combination, The Brownsville Boys, Murder, Inc., whatever you want to call it. And I do know they were Jewish AND Italian, thank you very much.


On second place behind reading about the history of said above paragraph's topic, watching gangster movies and writing Prohibition time fiction, I love to read ... stuff. I read everything's that's good. I'm a writer at heart and every book I read gives me another perspective on the world, insight into another style of writing. So while I enjoy myself with a good book, I learn a lot.

And writing. Oh yeah, writing. Pure ecstasy.

I draw and paint, too. Used to draw characters and scenes, but then I discovered creating models for video games, so the only time I draw or paint or airbrush anything, it's a texture for a model I have made. You know Oblivion? I have to boast, I was in the team they call "THE modding team" of Oblivion. Everyone of us had already created at least one big and popular modification before coming to the team, and it was an awesome experience to work with all those people. For three years, we worked on the biggest German Oblivion quest modificiation. So sorry, I AM PROUD AS HECK. Wrote characters, a guild, books, dialogues, and of course I created a lot of the architecture, furniture and clutter. I would like to show you some of my works, but a 'friend' of mine who allowed me to use his webspace just deleted all my stuff because he was angry with my fiancée.


Anyway, edit lock expiring. Love you all, kids! Peace and Friede.

I, Details

  • Born: 06.12.1986
  • Country: Germany
  • It would appear I am female.

Stuff follows:

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     You can hunt me with: 
  • Drew Karpyshyn - His writing IS solid. But hell, does it get me into flight mode. Or fight mode, depending on how snarky I feel.
  • Forbidden Fruit - You know stuff that is so bad it is good again? This movie is so bad it skips being good and is bad again.
  • The Elder Scrolls novels - Read to me from the first book and you effectively EXORCIZE me. That's why I wasn't around for the second one.
  • Spears - Obviously.

    Favorite Quotes 
Frank: "Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! You are high on the holiday spirit!"
Dooley: "Yes, I am! And pills mixed with morphine. I can't believe you let me drive here!"
Leverage, 3x14: The Ho Ho Ho Job

     Video Games (I like) 

    And The Dragon Cometh. 
Divide and conquer. Sounds so easy. So much easier than: they know what you're planning, and it ain't gonna work. I was reminded of that when I responded to a knock on the door, 10 in the evening, and SHE stood there.

An “Oh.” escaped my lips.

She took off her shades. “Are you The Hero?” Beat. Death Glare. Cue to be screwed.

“Yeah... no. No. I'm not.” To be cowardly honest, I was happy I wasn't.

She slammed her fist in my face anyway, and all that happiness went away. Being hit by a car would have been so much softer, if no less subtle. I went down hard and looked up at her as she casually strode into the apartment, flicking her shades to the ground.

Her right boot dug into my ribcage. Steel-tipped. Good choice.

“I thought there were four of you,” she said inbetween my coughing.

“There ARE four of us.” The Hero came down the stairs. He was holding a gun. “I suggest you back off.”

She didn't. I couldn't blame her. We all knew he wasn't going to shoot her.

“You won't shoot me.” Why, hello.

“And why am I not going to do that?” He tried to give his voice a hostile touch.

“Because that would be the easy way out.” Beat. “Also, I'm not here to fight.”

I wanted to laugh. “Hate to be a critique,” I said, “but bangup job on making a point of that.”

The Hero let the gun sink. “How did you find us?”

“You advertise your every good deed to the whole city. How did I NOT find you?”

“You mean, how did you not find us EARLIER,” I said. “Forgiving the fact that there are only two of us here at this very moment in time. The other two are still out there. Putting the Bad in Badass. Deconstructing your empire.”

“And doing so very effectively,” she said, “I'm sure.”

“What can I say?” Beat. “Evil is stupid.”

She looked at me. “Not as stupid as Good.”

“Oh, well, seeing you work —“

The Hero intercepted: “On another occasion I would have payed to see you two bitch each other out. Now I'm more concerned with the question of what's next.” He never took his gaze off of her. She never took her gaze off of me. “You're not here to fight, you say.” He shrugged excessively. “So, what're you here for?”


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  • Salutations. After our intriguing discussions about things such as avatars and the true value of a friendly online community, I decided to check out your page. It's nice to know that we have a couple of similar interests (writing and video games, for example), and I wish you the best of luck when it comes to any future modelling projects. Oh, and since I'm vandalizing you in December, Happy Holidays! ~ EndarkCuli
    • Hey there. A nice PM interchange indeed. Thank you for that. I don't need to wish you luck on your projects, as long as you have fun with them that will suffice. Happy Holidays to you, too, and Happy Days Inbetween. Let's talk again. ~ Bresher
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  • For every attack, there's a counter-attack. For every vandalism, there's... something. - S Bane N