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It's going to rain tonight so everything is miserable.
Smoke some more and then I'll go back in and hate.
It's going to rain tonight but it's got to stop eventually.
Let's anticipate the sun and warmth and raise our fists and say:
"Everything is always falling apart, but I can't!"
"Everything is always falling apart, but I can't!"
The Arrogant Sons of Bitches "So Let's Go! Nowhere!"

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This Troper is an American hailing from Maryland, though, we'll just say he's from DC and call it even, because if he's not from DC, then he's from Baltimore, and damned if he'll be from Baltimore. Author of Leviathan Saga, and the founding member of the Combustion Industries Quality Writers Concern. So far, the only one of the three to reveal himself to the internets, because one is an idiot and the other a shut-in.

Breaking Changing has been lurking since a number of tropes had different names, and honestly, prefers them. Eaten By A Snake, for one and Drizzt Syndrome for another. He has contributed examples, but due to a lack of wiki editing and politics, generally prefers to lurk than try to contribute. No Such Thing As Notability for the wicked, you know.

Currently comes in two flavors: The Rogue and The Bard.


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