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Brainpaint is just one of many handles I have at the moment... Might reveal some later. I dunno.

Anyway, I'm a 24 year old female (Only in body. Brain's so butch I confuse people offline about whether I'm just a fat apprentice ladyboy.) originally from a small town near Glasgow (Biggest City in Scotland) called Clydebank that recently moved to Liverpool in England. So I've got the "Bankie" accent in me and I'm like a fish out of water at the moment.


I'm a jack of all trades. I produce vocaloid music and I'm working on soundtracks for my own games-in-progress, I have several webcomics in planning near-completion, I'm a flash animator currently in short-lived retirement while I get a bunch of other stuff sorted, I play various musical instruments (including the erhu which I'm studying in college as part of a music course) and I'm a gamer and all round moaner.

Anime I'm picky regarding. I think it's because I go for story and style instead of just a bunch of tired old boob gags and ditzy pink haired morons sounding like they just inhaled helium.

Regarding games, I'm pretty happy with most ones I get. Even like a few that other people despise (Naughty Bear, anyone?)but my favourite series have to be Mass Effect, Grand Theft Auto and Hitman. I even briefly studied video game development in college (by briefly I mean two years but due to health reasons I kinda flunked out) and am working on my own projects.


I hope to be of great service to this site. it's provided much lulz and I wanna give back to the community. RAAAAAAARG!!!

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