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Bozozoku was born less than 30 years after the invention of the atomic bomb. Coincidence? Perhaps.

What we do know about him is that he rides through the apocalyptic wastes, smiting evildoers with a cream pie on a chain.

Your only warning, rising above the unholy din of his souped-up motorcycle, will be the "Hee-een! Hee-een!" of his squeeze-horn, or perhaps the "Hyuh-huk! Hyuh-huk!" of his otherworldly laugh.


If he's feeling merciful, he'll get right to work with his "Penance Pie." Otherwise, you may be seltzered first. You may slip on a banana peel. And the last thing you'll see will be his painted-on smile as he lights up an exploding cigar before he rides off, laughing that maniacal laugh.

"Hyuh-huk! Hyuh-huk!"

He's a demon, I tell ya! A clown demon!


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