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  • WOAH!...Ahem....Welcome fellow troper, not really all that nice of a view around here, I suggest you go back to what you were doing.

You're still here? Very well, below are a list of the tropes that describe me. Feel free to go crazy


  • Being Personal Isn't Professional- I really don't want to hear aboout your problems while I'm working
  • Berserk Button- Come on, who doesn't have one? Mine include: (bear with me there are quite a few)
    • the AI in wrestling and racing games
    • "Stop Having Fun" Guys
    • missing an open net in hockey
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    • crying babies
    • small children who feel the need to shout
    • people who listen to their music with the volume at an obnoxious level
    • spiders that think they can just walk wherever they want in my room
    • pens that run out of ink while I'm writing
    • newscasters treating the swine flu like the bubonic plague
    • when I can't find the droids I'm looking for
    • people who say "if you lower your expectations for this movie you'll like it." Fuck off, I won't
  • Big Eater - And surprisingly, only a bit overweight
  • Brilliant, but Lazy- Well not brilliant, but pretty smart
  • Child Hater - Hate's pretty strong, but they do get on my nerves more often than not
  • Don't Make Me Destroy You- Honestly, said verbatim to my cat whenever he tries to wake me up before my alarm
  • Fear of Thunder- When I was younger
  • Not a Morning Person
  • Ridiculous Procrastinator- Gotten better over the years but still occasionally comes up

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