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“You can be the Duchess with wisdom and authority. People come to you for advice and foresight, and if they don’t listen to you, they will be fucked over.”

Ama is an ethical, maternal, witty, whimsical, sensitive, stubborn, romantic, impatient, anxious and passionate Canadian 22-year-old female. She loves to write, likes to watch cartoons / anime, read, and believes that a cup of tea solves emotional crisis (sometimes.) Don't worry, she'll find a way to make you smile! (No, really. She's adorable. You just wait and see.)


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    Tropes About Bottlerose (Added By Others) 
  • Badass: Overlaps with Badass Adorable. She seems to become a new woman in these moments.
  • Covert Pervert: Can come at you out of nowhere.
  • Girlfriend in Canada: Subverted. She had a puppy love relationship with an online friend growing up, who lives in Australia, while she lives in Canada. His friends teased him about it for years. Upon seeing her for the first time over Skype, his big sister said: "Well, she's definitely not an old man."
  • Hyper-Awareness: When she pays attention, her memory is amazing.
  • Iron Woobie
  • Romance Genre Heroines: The Free-Spirit, with shades of The Nurturer.
  • The Tease: THE TEASE.

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