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"Describe Boss Goji here."

Well, okay. I'm an anime enthusiast(bonus points for mecha and mahou shoujo), a member of Furry Fandom, a girl in a boy's body, a fan of puroresu, and a semi-accomplished gamer, with wins over Spelunky, God Hand, La Mulana, a large chunk of the Touhou series, and I Wanna Be The Guy on the record. I'm fairly harmless, if rather bizarre and somewhat masochistic when it comes to my taste in media(I watch Manos WITHOUT riffing from Joel and the 'bots). I believe in The Power of Friendship like most people believe in the law of gravity. I move three times faster when painted red.


I'm formerly one of the hosts of the Fall Damage podcast. I also do Let's Plays with my good friends Un and GTF, and am looking to branch out into solo LPs.

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