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Boredknight is an amateur writer who obeys most laws of spelling and grammar when he can help it. He also likes Fantasy writing, but enjoys anything well written and reasonably interesting.

As for his own stories, he has many unwritten ones, and they flop about in his head like baby fish out of water. Someday, someday, he will write them ALL.note  This is a test spoiler. But, you know, good job finding it and everything.


He is a huge fan of Myers Briggs and all things affiliated. Identified by the actual test as an INFJ.

He bears the KNIVES Crest...

     Current Concepts/Ideas 
Undisclosed at the moment. He has a fear of posting things online - especially ideas.
     Tropes He Loves 
     Tropes He Hates 

This is a test Heading. Also, Feel free to vandalize.

  • Test Point!
    • Gweehee

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