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Call me Sequitur [But not Sequel, that's my nephew!]. That's my nickname. I sometimes go by the longer version of my handle, which is Bon Markgraf von Sequitur. But if you MUST shorten Bon Sequitur, call me 'Sequitur' and not 'Bon!'

I'm just a special snowflake who always posts in blue when he uses the fora. I'll do it on my page and everywhere else I have arbitrarily determined to be my TRUE AND HONEST GOD-GIVEN TERRITORY. If you want to have a fit shit about it then EXCUUUUSE ME PRINCESS.


I'm a XX-year-old budding reborn-Discordian, I guess you could call me. I also write screenplays a lot, but I don't post a lot of it online because I either lack a script reader or I just need to protect my own work too much. I have a Deviant ART page, and it is awesome. I take administering my Deviant ART page pretty seriously. My Deviant ART page is one of the most important things in my life right now, as when I was a child, I kid you not, it was my dream to have a Deviant ART page.

I'm also a bit of a Mama Bear when it comes to my PC, a quad-core AMD Phenom with an N Vidia GTS 240 video card. I live with it, my microwave oven, my stove, my fridge, my mobile phone and my cable modem in the centre of the universe: São Paulo, Brazil. I didn't actually buy the microwave oven, it was a gift, but the person who gave it to me was an asshole so I call my microwave oven 'my' microwave oven because it's just that awesome and its new owner is so much cooler. My old appliances were all shit, but when I moved from [redacted] [Another town where I lived for [redacted] years] I left all that useless crap behind.



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