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As a troper, I've been lurking around for around 3 years now without an account, but I finally made one (which definitely wasn't just because I wanted to join Tropers: The Series).

Since everyone else is doing it, and peer pressure is my only motivation in life, two characters to describe me would be Jevil and MERASMUS!.

    Tropes that describe me, kind of: 

I'm going to stab you. SONZAI WA ITAMIDESU! I am holding the banana... You are so FUCK!

"You shut your whore mouth."

"What manner of fuckery is this!?

"I will kill your entire family."

"I expected many things, but (Insert weird shit here) was not one of them."


    Voices for my characters: 

  • Bob: An incredibly deep voice with a French accent and Voice of the Legion.(this is the last time I'm changing this, I swear.)

  • Satan: MERASMUS!.

  • That one driver that Satan yelled at that one time: High pitched voice with a New York accent and Voice of the Legion.

  • Crow: A deep, calm voice with a British accent and very light Voice of the Legion.

  • Dr. [REDACTED]: A monotone, deepish voice with a light southern accent.

  • Smiley/Lust: A high pitched voice with many different variations of tone and accent depending on how many mouths are speaking at once. With the normal one mouth, it has no accent and a constantly happy tone. (So, for whichever poor bastard has to voice it, just make your voice higher and sound happy.)

Herr Chirurg/SCP 542: A deep, raspy, angry voice with a German accent.


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