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Part time author, artist, and troper.

Mostly found at benevolentWanderer on Tumblr and theoretically bluewyrm on deviantArt. Very slowly writing a science fiction novel with lots of tropes inside, much like about half of all tropers.
(The other half are, of course, writing a fantasy novel.)

If you meet the tropers named Benevolent Wanderer, Bennie Wanderer, Ben Wanderer, or Benevolent-Wanderer, tell them to meet me outside the saloon at high noon tomorrow. I'll be waiting. I've been waiting, a long, long time.

In the past, I've been a great fan of Homestuck, Good Omens, Girl Genius, and The Meek. I still like them a lot. More recent favorites are Undertale, the MOTHER fangame Cognitive Dissonance, and, at the top in terms of sheer playtime, Starbound.


At some point I really liked Nepeta Quest 2011 Be The Sea Dweller Lowblood and Promstuck and felt like it was a good idea to list them here.


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