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I am a 26 year old amateur writer who has spent countless hours absorbed in TV Tropes, futilely trying to stop myself from clicking link after link after link. I love playing tabletop rpgs (though I'm mostly stuck in the GM role), reading webcomics, and video games that are actually good. I've fortunately torn myself away from the main site and now exist mostly on the forums, which now have a monopoly over my free time.


I have a finished manuscript for a short fantasy novel I am currently looking for an agent for. I have recently created the Web Serial Novel Land Games, which can be read here:

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  • squiddleTron is your first vandal, and also congratulates you on having created an autobiographical page! 8]
  • No, thespacephantom is your first vandal.
  • Whatever, who cares?! Tre's third and that's all that matters! Anyway, hi, Blue.
  • Bah, these fools? Pfft, you all truly know that Light Phaser is the one and only vandal of importance! Also, Castlevania.

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