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This isn't me, but it's who I play online.

"Describe Bluemage here."

That's a tough one. I suppose I could say I'm a 23-year-old straight male megageek/nerd from Washington (the real one, not DC), but that doesn't mean much.

Basically, I'm a general-purpose nerd. I'm addicted to video games: all of them, not one specific game. I know a lot about many different anime, and read a lot of SF. I'm also an armchair historian, political theorist, and philosopher. I play a mean game of pool, and can make technology dance. My addiction to music knows few bounds- it's only matched by how much silence I put out in public.


Being an archetypical jack-of-all-trades, I'm not good enough to be a pro at anything, and good at too many things to be worthless, which makes it rather hard to pin down a single path in life. I'm also prone to making references to things I like on a regular basis; this generally leaves people very confused, as my list of interests is so big that nobody I've ever met has understood more than half of them.

I haven't created any tropes as of yet, but I semi-regularly add examples, and edit any incorrect examples I come across.

I am also known as Bluemage on Billy Vs SNAKEMAN, where I've written a few pieces of fanfiction. People seemed to think that they were fairly good.


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