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(to the tune of super smash bros brawl theme) #WELCOME TO MYYYYYY!!! VERY OWN PAAAAAAAGE!!! I LIKE DRAGONIIIIIIITES!!! AND I AM SINGING IN A DUMB VOOOICE!!!# Ah, forget the musical number. Forget the I Am Song, in fact.

So you think I am the 'new' version of TV Tropes very own Jon-Tron like idol. Well it's impossible, but yes, in a few months i think i will make them accept me for that. Just call me Danny. I hate COD games, but i will enjoy a lot of Pokemon, Mario, Warioware, Banjo-Kazooie N&B, Zelda, heck even Harvest Moon. But i do hate musicals, have a severe case of phobias (glassphobic, etc) and really hate school work. Screw the Rules, i want to play games!! So settle down, and i will tell my life in trope examples. Enjoy.


Blocked Site My Azz's life and stuff are discribed as these trope examples below:

  • Aspergers Syndrome: I actually have this, as well as ADHD.
  • Berserk Button: I will go angry with the following:
    • Dating Site ads, annoying jingles (like that Storage King one? Yeah, it makes me cry.) and high pitch notes at the end of songs.




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