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Put something here already! - Scholastica I have to? Oh, okay...

Um, hm.

Black Coyote is... no one too special, really. She's a (surprisingly) shy small-town girl with her head in the clouds, a fondness for animals and exotic cars, and who loves transforming alien robots and extreme verbosity more than is probably healthy.

Expect eccentricity of varying degrees from her, as well as a bit of Mood Whiplash from time to time. She tries to reign it in, really. She just can't help herself sometimes.


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Black Coyote enjoys the following:

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    Western Animation 

    Transformers gets special mention all on its own... 


...still being edited, obviously.

Vandalize Coyote here!!

O HAI THAR - A Friend.

Hello~ Good to see you around, yeah? —Another Friend.

Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! Here for another dose of Blaxploitation! —goodtimesfreegrog


-hugs Black Coyote- What can I say? You probably need the hug anyways. -Yarrunmace

Wait What Whoa. You're a CHICK? Coolio. -Solstace


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