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Bishojo Meister is one of the main contributors of The World God Only Knows, who has no particular/obsessive interest in any works other than TWGOK. It is the troper's first favourite work, along with his favourite sci-fi work "Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio". This troper has spent considerable time on the TWGOK article on Wikipedia on improving its quality, adding sub-articles and new contents. But is currently unhappy with the excessive edits by strangers that reduced the character sub-article to rags.


Furthermore, he is the main contributor of allusions (shout outs) on Kaminomi. Of course, with the help of Sama_al_Azraq(major) and others!

  • Contributed +90% of allusions on the shout out page. Still do.
  • March 6th~7th, 2010: Editing spree of allusions on Kaminomi.
  • March 12~13th, 2010: Another major addition of allusions.

Also, I know I am being vainglorious. Please do not mind it.


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