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Hello, random people of the Intertubes! I am Bio Flak Cake. That's right, the cake was not a lie. As in, my cake would launch super - heated fragments of metal dipped in tyridium sludge. And cake too!

Where I live In that shadow in the corner of your room. Funny story, had to kick Slenderman out, think he lives in your bathroom...

I'm a thirteen year old geek with a penchant for writing and art. I don't talk much, but when I do let down the barriers, I enjoy the company of others. I put up an annoying hammy attitude, mostly to avoid others, but under that, I am a talkative and creative person. But this isn't eHarmony, so whatever. The story I planned on has been cancelled. I'll break it to WBD soon.

I'm currently working on the page for Portal: The Flash Version. Any help and suggestions appreciated.

Tis the only account on the internet I have. Don't attempt to find me on facebook or whatever the frak.

IMPORTANT My faith in humanity dies a little when someone says something is "Gay". I will be distrustful and will distance myself from those who use it as an infinitive. Seriously, don't. I have enough stupidity to deal with at school.

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Vandalism Ahoy

  • Thank you for the honor of being the first vandal. -Shadow Bender
  • Hi! ...Great. Perfect time for writer's block. -Katana Cat
  • Hey there. Another newcomer. Nice to meet you. I would give you some advice here, but to be honest, I'm not the best person to take advice from. Oh well. Everyone here is fairly nice. Just treat them with some amount of respect, and they'll do the same to you. I guess I did slip some advice in. Oh well. - Completely Normal Guy