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Big Ralph is a college student studying animation somewhere in Southern Ohio. Storyteller first;artist second.

If he's bored or just seen or played a new game/movie/TV Show/Internet phenom, 80% of the time he's going here to find Tropes related to it.

Tropes related to Big Ralph and the stories he has (or WILL) create

Badass Normal: His high-school friends can attest,Ralph can do some pretty awesome things. He has to prove himself in College although he seems to be getting a small rep.


Brilliant, but Lazy:Ralph has some pretty awesome and creative ideas. However due to a lack of motivation or lack of self-confidence he never sees them through.

Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Ralph fancies himself to be quite insane and he has the friends,thoughts,drawings and stories to back it up. Also he has Schizophrenia.


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