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Hi I'm Big Daddy P, an ordinary troper who slips in a few things here and there. I like the occasional pun with my day and I am not a pimp, despite how my name sounds. If it's too creepy for you to type it then just call me Big P.

Some extra notes: You can always find me in the forums, specifically Live Action TV, Manga/Anime, Film and Forum Games.

  • Genre Savvy I take my coat ALWAYS with me. It may be Wrong Genre Savvy sometimes but when it does rain I get a nice high.
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  • Chess Master I wish. I play chess, but not very good at it (Depending on the opponent).
  • Xanatos Roulette My plans always get results, even if they're not the results I want. Working on it.
  • Xanatos Speed Chess Practicing this. Mixed results
  • Word of God I write fiction so I have the power.

The Pages I have created with my Godlike powers are: Banzai The Way To Dusty Death

My favourite TV/Movie and whatnot include (In no particular order)

My favourite tropes are:

Fetish Fuel

All vandalism goes below. My secretary (HI) will make note of what you say. And we will laugh. Over champagne.


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