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This troper is a student at a small liberal arts college somewhere on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. She is very busy with schoolwork but still somehow manages to find time to get sucked into the Vortex anyway.

Also, she is very new to this whole wiki business. She knows nothing about programming or code or how computers function. She finds the sheer size and breadth of TV Tropes daunting and intimidating and doesn't even know where to begin when it comes to making pages and edits and whatnot. Nonetheless she will try her best to be a useful member of the community. She is always eager to learn new things.


This troper now understands why everyone finds the "this troper" construction so annoying, so I will now stop.

Forgot to mention that I'm an aspiring novelist who has a bitch of a time committing to anything. Hence why I've finished a grand total of two and a half novels. That comes from stitching together all the pieces of all the novels I've ever half-written.

I like these things:

I am a:

Current Projects:

  • Munera
  • A Distant Dream
  • My magnum opus, so to speak, is a project I've been working on intermittently for three years, and I don't anticipate being able to publish it soon. It's called The Zenith Cycle. Maybe one day it will get a page of its own.


Vandalize me, bitches!:

First Vandalization, fools!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait. What's so funny? — jcruz


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