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This is Bibliophael's page. If you look closely, you might notice that his handle is an extremely sophisticated and witty play on the word 'bibliophile,' modified to end in the suffix 'el,' which, as you know, is indicative of a relevance to god in many semitic languages and religions. Thus, the name "Bibliophael" might be interpreted as 'bookkeeper of the gods.' If you lean a little, dim the lights and squint, at least.



Bibliophael probably won't be saying much, as he puts far greater store by established protocol and regulation than he does by anything he has to say. Therefore, unless he is relatively certain that what he writes falls under the standard practices of our fair wiki, here, he will likely hold his tongue. Or, as communication occurs via text in this setting, his hands.

Nevertheless, to his unending delight he has managed to wrestle out some semblance of sense from the myriad of contradictory and incomplete instructions to be found on this site, and has evidently managed to index himself! Joy!


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