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I say IDK a lot but trust me i be knowin

AKA: planet Jane, Burgundy Queen, Mo The Show, Mojave Music, Superglobe, Blixty Slycat, Spain Sun, El The Daze, and on, and on, and on. You get the picture.

Hoo boy, where to start. I'm Jane (almost no one calls me Bep. I in fact stole the username from someone else on another site, sorry Beprepper!), usually planet Jane, planet JANE, or planet J.A.N.E. depending on whether I feel like hanging with capital letters and/or dots on that particular day. I'm a troper from The Netherlands (though I've spent the vast, vast majority of my life in Pennsylvania, The USA.) who currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. I'm a transwoman, musician, occasional livestreamer, writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and general confused layabout. I'm in my mid-20s, but it's impolite to ask a lady her age, you know?


I've been using TVTropes on and off for...jeez about a decade now, and I joined the forums initially in 2009. If you'll permit me to indulge in my "end of Blade Runner" voice, I've seen a lot of things go down over the years, The IJBM subforum being deleted, the legendary Google Incident that lead to all the NSFW pages being purged. I actually was not around for Fast Eddie's departure (may he shut shit down in peace), as I was indisposed at the time. Which, yeah, I was banned at one point back in about 2012 and reverted to more or less just being a wiki lurker for a good five years. So my time here has not been continuous! Still, I always wanted to say that Blixty Slycat would come back, and here I am. If you're an old friend or acquaintance I haven't talked to in a while feel free to drop me a line, I don't bite and I've mellowed out significantly over the years. I also met my girlfriend here! But she doesn't use the site anymore, alas.


I'm all over the internet (see below). I used to make a ton of music but I'm mostly retired from that nowadays. I stream from time to time and am the resident anime contributor at The Geek Girl Authority under my to-be legal name Jane Y. Auman. I own a discord server for LGBTQ folks (and allies) to hang out on and moderate a second Discord server dedicated to anime studio Studio TRIGGER. All in all, I'm a surprisingly busy woman for someone who is perpetually between jobs, but hey, gotta keep yourself sane nowadays. We live in strange times!

     Jane around the net 

  • My writer tag on The Geek Girl Authority. I pen for the site pretty often, exclusively (at the time of this writing anyway) about anime. Check it out!
  • Twitter: It's a twitter page. I rant and ramble here a lot, retweet things, get mad at politicians. You know, the usual.
  • Anilist: Weirdly this might be my sort of second-most-used social media platform now. Anilist is an anime ranking site like MyAnimeList, but also has a twitter-like feature called the global feed. It's an interesting place to hang out to say the least. I've reviewed a fair amount of anime and manga on the site also, if you'd like to see some of my more colorful (and less positive in some cases. Never watch Blood-C) criticism.
  • Bandcamp: I mostly make instrumental hip-hop in the vein of someone like DJ Shadow. I'd advise you to always start with the most recent thing on the page if you're looking to get into my music. All of my mixtapes are pay-what-you-want, though as I'm only ever sporadically employed, any amount of money you choose to donate is a massive help.
  • Twitch: My Twitch page! I stream only occasionally, but I'm a certified Twitch affiliate, so if you'd like, in addition to dropping a follow, you can subscribe to get access to my wonderfully witchy emotes! I usually favor casual titles I can play repeatedly (eg. The Binding of Isaac) and the like.
  • The Magic Planet: My Discord server (fair warning, that's an invite link over there). It has no real organizing principle, but in practice it's a place for LGBTQ+ folks and allies to hang out and just kind of shoot the breeze. You're more than welcome to join but be aware that bigotry of any kind is not tolerated and the server is extremely left-leaning politically. Again, fair warning, also see the below note about troperspeak on Heapers' Hangout.
  • The TRIGGERcord: No link for this one since I don't own it. This is the other Discord server I moderate, and is focused around the works of Studio TRIGGER. If you'd like an invite drop me a PM and I'll get you one. Incidentally: the "being TRIGGERed / getting TRIGGERed" joke has been done about a trillion times, so y'know, don't.
  • Heapers' Hangout: HH is a spinoff of this very website, founded in 2011 it's a general interest forum. It's not the most active nowadays and the community there is very tight-knit. Fair warning, I'm just about the only regular there who still has a positive opinion of TV Tropes itself, so while anyone is welcome to apply to join (and in general anyone who's not a bot will be accepted), you might get poked fun at if you use troperspeak, especially excessively.


as Mojave Music

  • "Cult TV (Alternate Take)" - Single (2012)
  • モハヴェムシク (Mohavu Emushiku) - EP (2013)
  • "storm//break" - Single (2013)
  • Parade of The Homeless Drums - EP (2013)
  • The Atlantic Beat EP - EP (2013)
  • Songs From The Lion's Paw (2013)
  • Tourist Traps (Cast​-​offs, Scraps, Outtakes & Bad Ideas) - Compilation (2013)
  • tape 22 - the foglight window (2013)
  • The Beta Tape (2013)
  • Tunes Made In Sands (2014)
  • Apartment (2014)

as planet Jane

  • This Too, Is A Mystery (2010, as Spanner in de Werks / Rerelease 2017)
  • eclipse EP - EP (2014)
  • 1994 (2015)
  • REMia Visions (2015)
  • The Bronze Moon Tapes (2015)
  • Dutch Magic: Dispatches From Forgotten Pennsylvania (2015)
  • Magic Planet 1 & 2 (2015)
  • Magic Planet 3 & 4 (2015)
  • the riverbank incense EP - EP (2015)
  • Rare Planets (2015)
  • Welcome To Kingsfield (2015)
  • Record 11 (2015)
  • Pisces (2016)
  • Zodiac Tapes (2016)
  • "Mushroomtrees / But I'm Still Broke - Single (2016)
  • fishpowder: the self-slowed best - Mix (2016)
  • serial experiments Jane (2016)
  • Hawaiian Highways (2016)
  • Grimoire (2016)
  • 610 BeatWitch (2016)
  • Magic Planet 5 - Compilation (2016)
  • Scirocco (2016)
  • The Cope Loops EP - EP (2016)
  • Chemicals That Think, vol. 1 (2016)
  • Chemicals That Think, vol. 2 (2016)
  • She's A Kaleidoscope (2016)
  • fishpowder 2: more of the self-slowed best (2017)
  • Oni (2017)
  • No Man's Land! Magic Planet 6 (2017)
  • kinoko キノコ (2017)
  • The Beautiful World (2017)
  • Blackbox Ravetools Series Vol. I: The Altair Trilogy + "Capture The Flag" - EP (2017)
  • Blackbox Ravetools Series Vol. II: Patchully In The Chillout Room - EP (2017)
  • Comissioned for "Bones of Creation" - Soundtrack to Bones of Creation RPG (2017)
  • nightmare margin EP - EP (2017)
  • Magic Planet 7 (2017)
  • Magic Planet 8 (2017)
  • Magic Planet 9 (2017)
  • moonbeam 1 - EP (2018)
  • A Radical Coastline (2018)
  • Farewell, Pennsylvania! - Final Notes From The Keystone State (2018)
  • Lake Shrine Codex (2018)
  • bright moon, Dark Planet (2018)
  • 4 1/2 Remixes EP (2019)
  • Magic Planet X (2019)
  • Legends of a Drum Reckoner (2019)
  • REIWA ERA (2019)
  • The Violet Room Tapes (2019)
  • Lake Michigan Is Haunted! (2019)
  • Queen Johanna (TBD)

as Pink KoKane

  • The Magical Girl EP - EP (2013)
  • In The Gun With A Jungle - EP (2017)
  • American Deathgame (TBD)

as Appalachian Beat Systems

  • Pigeonheads! The Strange Reels of Appalachian Beat Systems (2015 & '16) - Compilation (2016)
  • ABSLP2 (2017)

as Traxus IV

  • "Two Rivers" - Single (2015?)
  • "Highway Fog" - Single (2017)
  • The Jupiter Brain EP - EP (2017)

as Drink The MOON!

  • "Crystal Temple" - Single (2017)

as bluesphere2800

  • Horrorspiel - collected vapor experiments (2017)

as Deirdre "Dottie" Maetrichs

  • Escape The Room - Music Inspired By The Dawn of Computer Gaming (2018)

as Beckon Apparition

  • the fallen ground (2018)
  • the fallen ground [DMT Tapes Rerelease] (2018)
  • radio the planet EP (2019)
  • Ambient Versionz (TBD)

"From The Vault" Series

  • From The Vault: forever & ever (2014) (2016)
  • From The Vault: The Solar Tape Fragments [2014 & 2015] (2016)
  • From The Vault: Unheard Hip-Hop From The Pre-"Magic Planet" Days [2014 & 2015] (2016)
  • From The Vault: Experiments In House & Other Genres (2013-2015) (2016)
  • From The Vault: Minor Signs (Odds & Ends: 2015-2017) (2017)
  • From The Vault: 8♦ EP (2015) (2018)
  • From The Vault: 6trumentals EP (2016, Unreleased) - EP (2018)
  • From The Vault: Satellites of The Magic Planet (2018)
  • From The Valt #9: Past Portents (2019)

Almost all of this can be found on my bandcamp page


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