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Benjayman is a 25 year old who is as yet an untested contributor to TV Tropes. A long time observer, recent troper. He is completely and utterly addicted to T Vtropes and is unashamedly unrepentant about it. All he has contributed so far is ego stroking additions of his real life tropes but hopes to do more later. He is a half arsed Martial Artist who is actually alright but could be better with effort. He is a huge fan of Warhammer 40,000. I have written a lot of fanfiction for it and am prepared to unashamedly promote it Secret War He got his troper name from a nickname his friend gave him: Ben-J-man Franklain. Oh and he rhymes and uses alliteration a lot in his sentences without even knowing it...


Favourite video games

  • Fallout New Vegas
  • Mass Effect 1 and 2
  • Uncharted 2
  • Sonic Rush, Sonic CD
  • The Fire Emblem series
  • Blaz Blue.
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Dragon Age Origins

Favourite authors

  • Dan Abnett
  • Graham Mcneill
  • HP Lovecraft
  • George RR Martin
  • Aaron Dembski Bowden

Favourite Movies

Favourite Anime

Favourite TV series


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