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I would love to be free to do whatever i want without having to be put in shackles which is what i think humanity does. No one really knows what they want even those who claim that they do 100% of the time because if a person is presented with an alternative that will require the least amount of time and effort they would take it. And everyone says one thing but they really mean another. Case in point: You all say that confidence is all it takes on top of looking nice to get someone to be with which is false because these people are prone to making exceptions when it comes to you like "oh i want someone confident, but they are not confident enough or are too confident" and so on and so forth. I can however show desirable qualities if i feel like it, and do not like to be put some where i don't belong and refuse to conform and be that just because you think i'm that.


I'll only be something if i think it'll suit me as far as where i need to go and am at the present moment or if i happen to take a liking to you.


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