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"They say that life is like a basket ball: it's got its ups and downs, and it's controlled by people who are taller and richer than you'll ever be."
Anonymous, yet it's a phrase I live by.

If you happen to have time to waste and motivation to find this page, you'll learn that I'm yet another one of the many Tropers that monkey about this site. I've been visiting this site since about April of the previous year (when I spotted a link to it on the Transformers Wiki. An Archive Binge ensued,) and though I can't remember when I first joined, I've been making the occasional edit whenever I feel the need to help.


And no, I'm not as uncertain as I used to be. That's good, right? Right?

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More, of course, to be added if I ever think of them.

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You're pretty funny. ~ Pimpdaddy

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